Eye-tracking research

  • Children's test-taking behaviors on the TOEFL Primary Speaking test
  • Investigations into the construct of conventional cloze tests
  • Incidental vocabulary learning through extensive reading

Technology-integrated language assessment

  • Stakeholders' perceptions of online accessibility tools in WIDA ACCESS 2.0
  • Effects of on-screen marking functions in a tablet-based English reading test

Assessment practices regarding K-12 & college-level test takers

  • Children's reaction to the Young Learner's Test of English Reading & Writing section
  • Mode effects on young ELLs' spoken and written performance
  • Incentivizing college students and proficiency-testing outcomes
  • Can-do statements and perceptions between students and teachers
  • Alignment between ACTFL standards and collegiate-level foreign language curricular practices 

Research on Speaking Performance

  • Effects of interlocutor's L1 background on paired-speaking test performance
  • Effects of rating contexts on young English learners' spoken performance

Constructs Bridging SLA and Language Assessment Research

  • Planning time and test-task characteristics: a Mixed-methods approach
  • Accuracy and emergence criteria for measuring L2 morphosyntactic development