Manuscripts in press and under review

  • Lee, S., & Winke, P. (online first). Young language learners' behaviors when taking computerized tasks for speaking assessment. Language Testing. Available here:

  • Winke, P., Lee, S., Yoon, H-J., Ahn, J., Choi, I., & Cui, Y. (online first). The cognitive validity of English-language tests for children: What young language learners and their native-speaking peers can reveal. TESOL Quarterly. Available here:

  • Godfroid, A., Ahn, J., Choi, I., Ballard, L., Cui, Y., Johnston, S., Lee, S., Abdhi, S., & Yoon, H-J. (online first). Incidental vocabulary learning during extensive reading: An eye-tracking study. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition. 

  • Kim, A. A., Lee, S., Chapman, M., & Wilmes, C. (under review). Examining paper vs. online-second language (L2) writing performance of grades 1-2 English Language Learners.

  • Winke, P., Lee, S., & Yan, X. (under review). What does the cloze test really test? A replication of Tremblay (2011) with eye-tracking data.

  • Lee, S. (under review). L1 background of interlocutor candidates in paired oral testing: A discourse-based approach.

Manuscripts in preparation

  • Winke, P., Van Grop, K., Gass, S., VanPatten, B., & Lee, S. (manuscript in preparation) Using different carrots: How incentivization affects proficiency-testing outcomes.

  • Lee, S., & Spinner, P. (manuscript in preparation) A place of accuracy in Processability Theory. 

Refereed reports